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Narthedcoides Air Plant Fragrant Bloom
Narthedcoides Air Plant Fragrant Bloom

(Interesting Bloom Spike!)


DESCRIPTION: Narthecoides is native to the rainforests of Central and South America. It has a light, grassy feel to it’s leaves. Do not confuse this for a health issue, it is naturally soft! This plant is known for its beautiful stacked bloom spike. You can plant the base of narthecoides in a fast draining media like orchid bark and perlite, or you can grow it epiphytically as an air plant.

SIZE: Around 5”-6” as shown here, and will have several pups growing. We will send with bloom spike if available, otherwise you will have to wait till the plant decides to bloom 😁


All orders include a free, beautiful air plant care card. Giving an air plant with one of these cards makes a great gift.