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  • Tectorum - Air Plant Hub

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(LIMIT: 1 Per Customer) Due to the high demand for this plant, we have to limit 1 Tectorum of each size per customer. If you order more than 1, we will refund your money for the additional plants and send you the original single plant. 

Tillandsia Tectorums are some of the most trichome covered air plants that exist. They are known for their beautiful snowball appearance and exaggerated white look. Tectorum have a soft, fuzzy feel to them and are very lightweight.

Tectorum are amazingly drought resistant and can withstand more direct sunlight than even the most xeric plants, including Xerographica. These can get fairly large, we have had them the size of softballs before. If you follow care instructions carefully, you will find that your Tectorum will produce pups at their base and provide more for you to enjoy.  

SPECIAL NOTE: Tectorum need less water than most air plants. When watering your Tectorum, only dunk the plant in water a few times once a week or so. They do not need to be submerged, but if you do submerge them, only put them in water for a quarter the amount of time as the rest of your Tillandsia. 

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