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Stricta Hybrid Small Clump
Stricta Hybrid Small Clump

Stricta Hybrid Small Clump


DESCRIPTION: Tillandsia Stricta is one of the more prolific air plants in the Tillandsia Genus. Often growing in large clumps, these plants are known for their beautiful neon pink bloom. The downside to their blooms is that they have a relatively short life-span: 2 to 3 weeks. The upside is that after Stricta produce their bloom, they begin the process of creating offsets, which will in turn bloom within the next year or two. 

T. Stricta is found in the eastern parts of South America. It has been located in a variety of environmental conditions, lending to the plant's ability to adapt. Generally speaking, Stricta prefer bright, filtered light, but be careful not give them too much light, as they can burn and dry up from it. 

SIZE: The size you will receive is similar to the profile photo, around 4”-5” with pups growing. 


All orders include a free, beautiful air plant care card. Giving an air plant with one of these cards makes a great gift.