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Seleriana Giant Green <br> (HUGE!)
Seleriana Giant Green <br> (HUGE!)

Seleriana Giant Green


SPECIAL NOTE FOR THIS PLANT: We cannot stress this enough, this plant is naturally brown at the base and it is also hollow. It is not unusual to see a few leaves at the base with small divots due to its hollow nature. The base is brown and this does not indicate any health issue with the plant. There can be small gaps between the lower leaves because of the way they are stacked. This is all natural for the seleriana is a unique plant that is very hardy and rewarding.

These Seleriana grow larger than any other form we have offered. As you can see in the photos, they have an awesome  green color that transitions into a brown base. The bulb on this plant is fantastic. Seleriana are fairly easy to care for as well and can live in both low and high light areas. This is the giant form that can grow to be a foot or taller in height.