Ionantha Guatemala *Pink*
(Various Sizes)


  • Ionantha Guatemala *Pink* <br> (Various Sizes)
  • Ionantha Guatemala *Pink* <br> (Various Sizes)

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Ionantha Guatemala is our most popular air plant. It is often a person's first Tillandsia in their collection. This is because Guatemala grow very easily and also readily produce pups. You will often see Guatemalas form into clumps of 3-5 plants. These plants can withstand a variety of conditions, but prefer brighter light levels and routine waterings. This is one of the air plants that can either be misted, or submerged in water - we prefer the latter but it is up to you and how your plant responds. These will be first-select blooming plants from our growing area. If you purchase this during an off blooming season, a floral dye enhancement may be added to aid in increasing natural blooming colors. 

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