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Neglecta Giant Form
Neglecta Giant Form

Neglecta Giant Form


DESCRIPTION: This is a larger growing form of neglecta, but even at the largest size is 4-5 inches. Don't be fooled by their small size though, Neglecta are amazing little plants. They are a hard leaved plant that produces offsets rapidly, especially for their size. We will send this blooming as pictured if available, otherwise the plant should bloom within the next year since they are at a mature size.

Neglecta are an interesting shade of green, almost lettuce-like in appearance. The inflorescence of the plant has red floral brachts with blue/purple corollas. 

As your Neglecta develops into a clump, it may be tempting to separate it out into single plants, but think twice before doing so! These look at their best when they are in large clumps, and are much rarer to find in that form. 

SIZE: 3”-4”


All orders include a free, beautiful air plant care card. Giving an air plant with one of these cards makes a great gift.