Capitata Apricot


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SIZE: Approx 8"-10"

Description: Capitata Apricot is a beautiful cultivar that is known for its purple and light red blush and its soft, wide leaves. Capitata is a species of bromeliad. This plant has a distinctive rosette of leaves that form a vase-like structure, which is used to collect and store water in its natural habitat. When kept in low light, the leaves are typically gray and covered in soft, silvery-white trichomes that give the plant a distinctive appearance. T. capitata produces vibrant pink or purple flowers that bloom in spikes on a tall stem, which can rise above the foliage. These plants are popular among collectors and are often grown as houseplants due to their unique appearance and low maintenance requirements.

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AIR PLANT CARE: Just dunk your air plant in water a few times until it is thoroughly wet. After watering, set your air plant on a towel or in an area with good airflow for 3-4 hours. Once it is fully dry, you can return the air plant to its display. Repeat this process once per week. If your air plant starts to look dry and develops brown tips, try soaking the air plant in water for 30 minutes to revitalize it.

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