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T. Andreana is one of our rarer species of air plant. It has an amazing form that looks like a mix between T. Fuchsii and T. Funkiana. It grows into a beautiful ball shape that is greener in color than most other thin-bladed Tillandsias. 

Andreana prefers a good watering so be sure to not let them dry out too much. If you start to notice browning on the plant, it is time to increase the amount of water they are getting. They enjoy bright, filtered light, but not too much of it. A few hours of direct morning sun then indirect light for the rest of the day will suffice. 

These plants produce a red floral bloom that provides a nice contrast against the green of the plant. 

We currently only have the size pictured on this page. 

Note: If possible, we will always send these out if they are in bloom. If we have none blooming at the moment, you will receive the plant as normal, then expect to see a bloom when that time of season comes around.