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Air plants are amazingly capable of handling low temps - most species can even handle temps down to freezing for short periods of time. In our main air plant greenhouse, our thermostatically controlled propane heaters kick on at 37°F, which is a frequent nighttime temp in our area so our plants are accustomed to chilly weather. If your area is colder, a winter shipping heat pack upgrade can be purchased here. Please read the following information before upgrading. 


Your order does NOT need a heat pack upgrade if:

1) Daytime temps are above freezing (32°F) at your location.


2) You live in an apartment or location where your boxes are held in an indoor location until pickup.


3) You can receive your box immediately after it is delivered. We offer FREE bubble wrap around the inside of the box if you feel that it is not cold enough for a heat pack, but still below 40 and chilly. Just leave a note in the order notes section at checkout requesting bubble wrap.  


Your order does need a heat pack upgrade if:

1) Temps at your zip code are expected to be freezing (32°F) or below during the daytime. Nighttime temps are not part of the equation because the box will not be exposed to the elements at night during any part of the shipping process.


2) You are expecting sleet/freezing rain at your zip code. 


3) There is a winter storm moving across the US during the time that your plants are shipping.