$50 Greenhouse Mix
(20 Small/Med/Lg Plants)


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This is a perfect all-purpose mix of air plants for a large sized display area, such as a kitchen table, countertop, or large terrarium. This mix includes a few larger and rarer species such as Xerographica. The species in this mix are a great example of how varying the look of air plants can be. We will include all sizes and shapes possible in the $50 and up mixes so it truly is a great pack if you are looking for physical characteristic variety. 

NOTE: Our greenhouse mixes change based on stock, because of that, the plants pictured here are purely a representative placeholder of some varieties you will see included. Most of the plants pictured will be in your mix, but be aware that the mix can shift based on availability. 

To keep costs down for you, greenhouse mix plants will be unlabeled but feel free to contact us with a picture of any air plants you would like ID'd.  


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