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Wholesale Caput Medusae Medium <br> (Minimum Order 5)
Wholesale Caput Medusae Medium <br> (Minimum Order 5)

Wholesale Caput Medusae Medium
(Minimum Order 5)


Caput, meaning "head" and Medusae, meaning "of Madusa" refers to this air plant's whimsical, firm leaf blades. The Caput Medusae is a stemless plant that can tolerate a bit more light than its Bulbosa and Butzii cousins. It is a true "beginner air plant" in the sense that it can withstand a variety of conditions and still thrive. It does have its preferences though. Generous amounts of bright filtered light, routine watering, and thorough drying between watering days will give you a nice, green plant that rewards you with new offsets. 

Caput Medusae can be found throughout Central America and grows from sea level all the way to 2,400 meters in elevation. 

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